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Recording Fees



Fees customers inquire about most frequently are:

  • Certified Copies – $1.00 per page plus $2.00 to certify the document 
(Example: 3-page document = $1.00 x 3 pages + $2.00 to certify = $5.00)
  • Copies – $1.00 per page (Example: 3-page document = $3.00)
  • Recording – $10.00 for the first page and $8.50 for each additional page. Indexing – first four (4) names free and a charge of $1.00 per additional name.
  • Click here for a complete list of our fees.
  • Try our calculator if you want to calculate the fees for your document.
  • Credit Cards: MasterCard and Visa credit transactions are accepted in person in our office with a $500 limit per visit.  We also accept credit card payments over the phone for copy orders.
  • Check Acceptance Policy: The Orange County Comptroller Official Records Department accepts personal and business checks, bank Cashier checks, Traveler’s Checks, and Money Orders for all transactions except Tax Deeds.
  • Tax Deeds require cash or certified funds.
  • Foreign checks or money orders may be accepted, if the funds are in U.S. currency (which must be stated on the check) and the funds are payable through a U.S. financial institution.

Checks must include:

  • Bank name, routing number, account number, and check number.
  • Payor’s signature.
  • Name and address of the payor (exceptions: bank Cashier checks do not require an address) Must be dated.  We will not accept checks older than six months or past a stated date (i.e., “Void after 90 days”).
  • Amount must be filled in with the correct amount.  We do not accept blank checks.
  • Payable to Orange County Comptroller.

Mailing Address: 
Orange County Comptroller’s Office
Attn:  Official Records Department
P.O. Box 38 Orlando, FL 32802-0038

Physical Address (for overnight deliveries):
Orange County Comptroller
109 E. Church St.
Suite 300
Orlando, FL 32801