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2020 CRC Potential Evaluation Topics

Citizens and Elected Officials have provided comments on various areas of the Orange County Charter to the 2020 Charter Review Commission (2020 CRC). The Topics Brought Up for Consideration report lists the presenter and date of public comments to the CRC. This list will be updated immediately following meetings of the full 2020 CRC, and it will be included in the Final Report of the 2020 CRC.

Several members of the 2020 CRC have submitted written proposals for placement on an upcoming CRC meeting agenda. The links on the left side of this page will provide you with a repository of public records related to each of the proposed topics. This menu will be expanded when written submittals for consideration are added regardless of whether they are studied by the 2020 CRC.

To ensure adequate time for citizens and CRC members to review proposed topics, the 2020 CRC will follow the guidelines entitled Evaluation Process for Potential Topics for Consideration.