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Orange County Charter

Section 702 of the Orange County Charter requires the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to appoint a Charter Review Commission (CRC) no later than February 1 of the year prior to a presidential election year. The CRC is appointed every 4 years. The CRC members, typically 15 volunteers, study many parts of Orange County’s government. The CRC cannot change the Charter. Instead, it decides what questions, if any, to put on the ballot during the general presidential election.

In order to determine potential questions, the CRC conducts regular monthly business/full CRC meetings, establishes committees and holds at least 4 advertised district public hearings at various locations throughout Orange County. Each meeting/public hearing provides an opportunity for testimony from constitutional officers, county officials and staff, members of the public, representatives of community organizations and other interested parties.

The CRC prepares a final report of the proposed changes, including financial impacts resulting from the changes to the Charter. The CRC does not seek BCC approval of the proposed changes. Voters decide whether or not the suggested changes will be made.