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Orange County Charter

Section 702 of the Orange County Charter requires the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to appoint a Charter Review Commission (CRC) every four years. The CRC members, typically 15 volunteers, study many parts of the county government. The CRC cannot change the Charter. Instead, it decides what questions, if any, to put on the ballot during the general presidential election. These questions propose changes to the Charter. Voters decide if the suggested changes will be made.

Throughout the term of its work, the 2016 CRC compiled a list of all proposed Charter amendment ideas or concepts, regardless of their source, for discussion and evaluation. From February 12, 2015, through June 21, 2016, the 2016 CRC held a total of 84 meetings, including 13 regular monthly business/full CRC meetings, 65 work group meetings, and 6 designated and advertised public hearings. Public hearings were held at locations throughout Orange County, with one in each Commission District.

The 2016 CRC conducted a comprehensive review of the Charter, and has chosen to place 3 prospective Charter amendments on the ballot for consideration by Orange County voters. The 2016 CRC reached this decision after holding numerous public hearings and after receiving testimony from county officials, staff, constitutional officers, representatives of community organizations, members of the public and other interested parties.

The Final Report of the 2016 CRC is provided below.